Welcome to Blessing Times Jams & Jellies! 

Small Batches, Handcrafted with Care ... 

Imagine a lush green landscape drenched in sunshine, where fruit is so juicy it practically bursts on the branch. Envision popping a fresh-plucked berry into your mouth and enjoying its wholesome sweetness … or eating a peach warmed in the sun. Nothing celebrates God’s bountiful harvest quite like fresh-picked fruit, especially when it’s from Blessing Times’ local fruit sources. 

Blessing Times captures that farm-fresh goodness in every jar, from Country Peach to Christmas Jam and Wild Blackberry. Prepared in small batches from pure ingredients with no artificial preservatives, all you taste in Blessing Times is natural sunshiny sweetness … with just a hint of grandmotherly love. 

Blessing Times Jams & Jellies are made fresh in the Heartland.
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Mailing address:  5019 NW Coves Dr.,
Kansas City, Mo.  64151.

Email:  bbobbobb@aol.com